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By charlenelalapine · January 4, 2011

Hi hi ladies

I've been away from Onsugar for the LONGEST time, and I really want to apologize for being MIA from all the fun. I've been receiving your smses and mails, and I really want to thank you all for keeping in touch.

For now, I'd like to leave a short explanation as to why I've been so distant. Firstly, I've been having several personal/family issues lately that are keeping me extremely emotionally worn out. I was also quite down about not being able to find a job for the last couple of months. But I've since been offered a position (yay!!!) in an organization, so I've needed to prepare for my first day of work next Monday.

Thirdly, I was away on holiday in Indonesia for the last week. The holiday was fantastic, and I would really recommend Bandung as a holiday destination. However, upon my return, I discovered that someone (most likely my friend's maid) had stolen US$300 right out of my wallet that I had kept in my bag. Not only was that an extremely violating experience, the money was actually given to me by my dad as a gift. The thief left US$200 behind, which angers me greatly, because I see it as an absurd, conciliatory gesture. I can't even bear to use my wallet now (a beloved present from Mr C) because it reminds me that someone helped herself to my possessions. Till now, there is no hope of getting that money back and I'm still deeply upset about this issue.

Fourthly, someone banged up Mr C's car a few days ago. It's been a few days and the driver is uncooperative and extremely shifty about covering the repair costs.

I hope you all understand that I won't be posting much or be particularly sociable yet. Onsugar is a really fun and fantastic place, and I'd like to keep my bad mood and negativity separate from it.

A friend said that I've already used up all my bad luck for this year. I sure hope so ;)


Hope you guys had a truly fabulous Christmas & New Year's :)

Cheers and love,


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posted by

hopefully the start of 2011 will be a better time for you...

let's hope karma bites the ass of the thief and the driver!

posted by

Let 2011 be a fantastic new year for you ! Me as well since 2010 wasn't exactly a great year .. We'll wait for you to be back at Onsugar (; Cheerios~

posted by

Hugs babe and believe that 2011 will be a better, if not best, year! :) Stay optimistic! Anyways, did you receive my PM? We are meeting on the 8th and was wondering if you could come. :)

posted by

Hugs babe. All will be well.


Feel better babe! Its only January, better things shall come if you persevere :)

posted by

Mr C should leave it to the insurance companies and get their lawyers to settle the case. I hope he is ok. If he isn't he really needs to see a doctor for insurance claim.

U've been in my thoughts. So, keep in touch!

posted by

just when I was missing your posts. hope the coming rabbit year will be a good one for this little rabbit!

posted by

Hey gorgeous, dun worry, 2011 is gonna b an awesome yr! Chin up gal!

posted by Joyce!

DARLINGGGGGGG hahhaahaa jiayou at work! Please blog more and update your wishlist! It's long expired! :D

posted by Joyce!


I need hiao entertainment in office!!! ):

posted by

Stay Postive! Be back soon =) xxx

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